Starting over with Windows 8 (part 1)

My pursuit to staying on the bleeding edge of technology ended up being a costly one. Fortunately, I was able to take advantage of a few discounts along the way.

As an educator of the digital arts it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly deliver an industry appropriate curriculum. I teach an Adobe based curriculum which seems to expand every year. I have been with Adobe from the numerical version through the creative suite. Their newest venture into the Creative Cloud has ruffled a few feathers and I have just purchased my subscription to see what all of the fuss is about.

As an educator I was “lucky” enough to receive academic pricing. I got in on a $20 a month promo that ended at the end of June. I have seen this promo run twice before so I am sure it will be available again. After typing my credit card information I was a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud club.

I have to say it did feel pretty good. I had the entire Adobe collection in my possession. This was very new to me since I usually was equipped with Adobe’s Production Premium suite. After a quick scan of the “apps” I decided on the obvious choice. Photoshop would be my first installation…or so I thought.

What I have yet to mention is that I am running a Dell Studio XPS 435t which I bought for a whopping $2000 in 2008. This machine came loaded with Windows Vista. Like the typical Windows user I have had my fair share of problems with Vista. I have never been one to verbally abuse Vista but I did long for something better. It worked well enough and my programs usually worked so how can I complain. I have been envious of those in the Windows 7 club but I chose to save my $150 and not upgrade.

Did you know that the new Adobe Creative cloud does not work with Vista? Yeah, I’m sure you probably did; I googled around and found posts as far back as a year ago discussing the topic. So there I was staring at the system requirements which was, duh, absent of Vista. So what did I do next? I thought about calling Adobe and giving them a piece of my mind. “How could you” I would yell. “So this is how you treat your loyal customers?” I thought about switching to a Mac but a quick price check on the Apple website halted that thought right away.

I typed windows 8 into Google and so my journey began. This is how I started on the Tech Trek. I am not the only tech geek that is trying to stay ahead of the ever growing number of programs, always upgrading software, and changing ecosystem of the tech world. I am not a programmer nor am I always able to comprehend many of the great tech blogs that keep me informed. I am actually a pretty normal guy that loves movies, photography, video games and technology. I will report, in the best terms that I can, on programs/apps/devices/etc. that I use and/or discover. I hope you enjoy this blog.

Next… “(Part 2) And so it begins”


Oh yeah, so I didn’t mention that I was also looking into purchasing the new Microsoft Office 365. Guess what operating system that doesn’t support?